Studio Orestis

Designed for the global citizen, Studio Orestis were inspired by Yannis and Sofia, as a means to bridge inflexible hotel policies with more “local” passions that travelers seek in new places.

Studio Orestis is not your ordinary bed and breakfast apartment. We believe in making every travelers’ experience one worth remembering. We are a manifestation of a hospitality vision that brings together local creativity, utmost comfort and customized services. As our name suggests, from the ancient Greek word Orestis which translates into simple and lovely to his space, we want all our guests to feel at home. Our philosophy stems from the animals’ ability to feel comfortable on every journey. With the same reasoning, we are creating apartments that take care of everything, so that our guests can focus on what truly matters – the joy of the journey.

This sense of individuality, placing a stranger in a very local setting, has to do with the increased sense of independence of modern travelers. We try and predict what our guests may need and/or want and integrate these factors into our business model in the best way possible.

We are a start-up taking a new approach to modern hospitality. Our apartment is designed for the modern traveler, the urban nomad, the family adventure and everything in between. We enjoy learning from our guests and welcoming them into our family.

We want strangers to feel like friends and travelers like they are coming home.

Let us become part of your adventure and become part of our story