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Why Greece

Greece is a country of vast possibilities. The amount of experiences are endless – from the marvels of the ancient world, the contrasts of local neighborhoods, the intensity of flavors to the breathtaking coastlines, natural beauty, traditional folklore and of course a lot tremendous amount of sunshine. We encourage you to travel, to learn, to connect and to grow as individuals so that we can make this planet a place of understanding, of inclusion, of compassion, of personal and communal growth.

Marvels of Antiquity

It is only natural that we our proud of the marvel structures that our forefathers have left for us, among many other things. Halkidiki is a treasure map of those marvels that extend far beyond the city boundaries. Every corner of Greece has magnificent standings of the ancient world that deserve your discovery.

Breathtaking Beauty

Besides our sunshine and sea, it may not be widely known but we have some of the most picturesque natural beauty there is out there. From caves out of Lord of the Rings to natural waterfalls and lakes and rural mountainous areas out of fairytales. What is known is the tip of the ice-berg, what you can experience is infinite memories with talking about.

Walking on Sunshine

You have obviously heard about our sunshine and clear blue waters. Well it’s true, Greece is an ideal destination for all seasons to soak up some vitamin D, and our plethora of beaches definitely seduce everyone. The magic of Halkidiki is that the sea is just a short drive away – so as to perfectly combine city exploration with seaside fun.

Good Food

It is not so much that we have endless extravagant recipes, it is more that nature has gifted us with divine ingredients that make every mouthful a little bit of heaven. These ingredients of course also extend to herbs that make excellent medicinal remedies, especially originating from Halkidiki and the island of Crete.

The Best Things in Life are Still Free

In Greece we are still lucky enough to devour beauty in simplicity. The best things in life are still free here. Our tradition, culture, nature and modern influences blend miraculously to provide us with the affordable luxury not attainable elsewhere. All you have to do is explore it and be open to new possibilities.

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